ChinUp Mask

ChinUp Mask

What is ChinUp Mask?

This new beauty product is changing the way people are dealing with the embarrassing issue of having a double chin, jowls or a saggy neck. It has been created to reduce fat in the area to help achieve a smoother, firmer and more contoured looking jawline.

Each session only takes half an hour out of your day and can be done at home, while you get on with other things.

There is nothing invasive about this non-surgical facelift product. Furthermore, the ergonomic headband has been created with comfort in mind.

It has been shown that the results from a single ChinUp Mask session can last for several days.

Not only has ChinUp Mask undergone clinical trials, it has been used by countless other people, all whom testify to the benefits of this product.

ChinUp Mask in Canada

How to Use

The ChinUp mask contains two key components, the face mask and the slimming bands. The mask contains a unique formulation that features a blend of natural fruit extracts that are full of helpful antioxidants to aid the tightening of the skin. Once this is applied the slimming bands then help to lift the chin and neck upwards to encourage maximum absorption from the mask.

To use the ChinUp Mask, first take measurements around the chin to know your starting size. Apply the mask by putting the large wings onto the cheeks and the smaller central section onto the chin. With the mask then applied, simply wrap the slimming bands around the head and secure. Wait just 30-40 minutes for the mask to take effect and remove. Massage the face and measure again to see the results – easy!

The 4 Key Ingredients

  • Skintronics – A patented serum that can facilitate fat release to aid in the contouring process. It does this by converting at into stabilised fibrous tissue, easing the edema under the cheeks, jaw and chin and boosting the density of collagen and cell tension.
  • Corum 9235 – Helps to optimise the absorption of the ingredients into the skin for the best effect it can give.
  • Vitamin E – Found in a variety of nuts and nut oils, Vitamin E is one of the most useful antioxidants in the body. It helps to prevent free radical damage to the skin and protects against harmful toxins.
  • Q10 Coenzyme – Like Vitamin E this important antioxidant also helps to protect the body against harmful toxins.

Where to Buy ChinUp Mask in Canada?

You can buy ChinUp Mask in Canada by placing your order online. Yes, it is sold online and you can place your order in a matter of minutes and get the product delivered to your doorstep in just a few days.